How Not to Fall for Affiliate Marketing Scams

How Not to Fall for Affiliate Marketing Scams

imagesca0len1iAffiliate marketing is the simplest method to make money online. It is also the most attractive platform for internet scams. Here are proven ways how not to fall for scams.

Different Types of Affiliate Marketing Scams

Scams in affiliate marketing come in different types, as follows:

  • Fraud – this is the most common and prevalent type of scam. Programs disguising themselves as legitimate, require fees to sign-up, and then cheat those who have signed-up and paid.

Customers are also attractive targets for affiliate marketing scams. Affiliates attract them into buying the product, only to deceive the customers with non-delivery of the items.

  • Identity Theft – these programs will trick you into signing-up as an affiliate, and then require you to give your financial information to steal your identity and your money.
  • Phishing- Other programs will pass themselves as legitimate affiliate marketing, install cookies in your browser and collect information for malicious purposes such as identity theft.

Affiliate Marketing Training By John RichardsProtecting Yourself from Affiliate Marketing Scams

You can protect yourself against these scams with the following measures:

  • Know that legitimate affiliate marketing programs are free to join. The only way you can earn money from the business is through conversion of leads and through referring other individuals to sign-up as affiliates and start their own conversion of leads.
  • Stay away from programs that claim you can earn big quickly with minimal work. Some will even attract you with their ‘overnight success’ scheme. There is no such thing. In order to make real money from affiliate marketing, you need to work for it.
  • Know the people behind the program. Limit your choices to those programs that have faces behind them. Legitimate programs disclose and publish who are the people involved, and this information is verifiable. If you cannot verify the contact information, choose another affiliate marketing program.
  • Avoid programs that seem to sell their business more to affiliates rather than sell their products to real customers. Following the logic of the previous measure, if you need to work hard to earn your money from the affiliate marketing program, should you not expect the products are selling well in the market?
  • Exercise due diligence before you sign-up. Verify the legitimacy of the program you are about to join as an affiliate. Make sure that the site is trustworthy and free from malware. The least that you want is for the site to track your browsing habits and then use the information maliciously.
  • Use internet resources to help you avoid affiliate marketing scams. For instance, to get information about their website, you can check To check for complaints against the program, you can visit the Better Business Bureau, or online forums that carry this topic in their discussions.
  • Other ways are to use the social media to verify reputation and credibility of the program, and to ask your friends of any experience or encounter with the program you wish to join.

Affiliate Marketing Training By John RichardsAvoiding affiliate marketing scams depends on your effort and diligence. If you do your part responsibly, there is no way that you will become an easy target for these scams. #


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